Teracom Limited


Manufacturing Infrastructure

Teracom has the to manufacture its extensive range of technologically advanced products viz., Low Voltage and High Voltage cables, House Wires and Flexible cables, Rubber Cables, Special cables and solutions for domestic and export markets.

Teracom’s manufacturing plants utilize most modern machinery for various cable manufacturing process viz., conductor fabrication, and extrusion, shielding and cabling technology to ensure quality and reliability.

Among the unique manufacturing and processing facilities at Teracom..

  • Key Machinery and Equipments sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide
    • Wire Drawing – Multi Wire Drawing, Niehoff Germany and Fine Wire Drawing, Syncro Italy
    • High Speed Bunchers, Setic Italy
    • Extruders – Mailefer Switzerland, John Royle USA,ITAL Italy
    • Mixing Mill – Francis Shah UK
    • CCV Line – Nokia with Single Point Triple Extrusion Completely Dry Cure and Dry Cooled Curing process
    • PVC  Compunding Line – Well Gain Cable Systems- China
    • High Speed Automatic Coiling Machine
  • Process Features
    • On-line Annealing improves ductility of copper (better elongation)
    • Electrolytic Tinning for uniform quoting (prevent oxidation)
    • Extruders with Fixed Centering Cross Head – Uniform insulation thickness (higher volume resistivity and insulation constant)
    • In-house PVC compounding plant

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