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Microwave products are typically used to provide backhaul connectivity as an alternate mechanism in case fiber connectivity is not feasible due to different and difficult terrains like Hill Areas, low sea levels. Teracom has provided it’s microwave products to various telecom operators like BSNL, so that lack of infrastructure problem in the far flung area can be reduced/removed. These products specially meant to provide backhaul connectivity to the areas where OFC based rollout is not possible. By using such products, Operator was able to provide voice connectivity to every nook and corner of India. Such products help telecom operators like BSNL, which also has some social obligations to fulfill like voice connectivity to deeply deprived remote villagers, voice communication for defence forces etc.

Teracom Digital Microwave (DMW) is a point-to-point digital microwave solution providing a wireless radio link operating at microwave frequencies between two points.  Where fiber/cable infrastructure cannot be built, which allows wireless transmission links to be established rapidly to realize cost savings and enabling rapid network rollout.  Teracom digital radios provide high capacity transmission, flexibility and convenience for wireless digital communications networks. The digital point-to-point radios represent a new microwave architecture that is designed to address universal applications for both PDH and SDH platforms. This advanced technology platform is designed to provide the flexibility to customers for their current and future network needs.

Teracom Microwave Consisting of Indoor Unit (IDU), Outdoor Unit (ODU) and Network Management System (NMS), which supports data rates from 4Mbps to 155Mbps across 7GHz to 23GHz frequency ranges. With Configuration options for high availability 1+1 hot standby, space and frequency diversity for protection of traffic over challenging paths,and choice of standard or high power options, with Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC).


Microwave radio links are overwhelmingly flexible and reliable, even microwave radio links have lower capacity than that of optical fiber and cables. The unique architecture of Teracom DMW makes it ideal for deployments in a variety of applications such as mobile network backhaul applications and fixed services applications. Lower frequency coverage provides the ability to cover long distances over difficult terrain, and higher frequencies are suited to short-distance urban deployments as a fiber/cable alternative for backbone or access traffic.

Typical Applications:

  1. Remote districts application
  2. Community access application
  3. Group users access application
  4. Base station interconnection
  5. Core network expansion and interconnection
  6. Emergency communication

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