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Integrated Security Solutions

Teracom has become 1st Indian company ever to won a project for complete Integrated Security Solution for Indian Railway Stations, surroundings and it’s premises. Teracom has already won first project of it’s kind to implement such solution in remote stations of Northern  Railway for 10 stations of North part of India, which is severally affected with infilteration, terrorism, violence etc. Teracom has won this prestigious project through tendering process while successfully through from the stiff competition from some of Telecom and It Giants like HCL, BEL, NELCO (A Tata Company), ECIL, Godrej etc.

During this project Teracom shall implement various security subsystem as well as will maintain it for 1 year to deliver end to end security over various threats to these stations.
Teracom shall also build Command & Control Center at each station while implementing this solution.

This Integrated security solution will use some of the advance technology like use of 3D to ensure that the security cover should not only be reactive, but also it should be proactive to tackle any situation.

This will ensure a safe and secure journey for every Indian Railway Passenger boarding/de-boarding on these 10 stations of Northern Railway. Below are 4 sub system, which Teracom shall deploy and integrate during project implementation and maintenance phase:

  1. CCTV Surveillance: Different kind of IP Based Cameras shall be placed all across Railway Stations, Parking Lots, Yards and other distance offices to ensure security while entering/exiting stations. These cameras shall be provided with Video Analytic facility which will do proactive and reactive measures to ensure security, while completely capable to track any suspect object.
  2. Under Vehicle Surveillance: Every vehicle entering into / exiting from Railway premises shall be check from all 4 sides to ensure that no unidentified vehicle should enter the premises.
  3. Personal and Baggage Screening System: A complete system to do screening of each passenger/their relatives as well as their baggages shall be placed to ensure safe and secure journey.
  4. Explosive Disposal and Detection System: This explosive disposal and detection system shall ensure protection against explosive threats and proactive/reactive response from security personnel.


Indian Railway other zones has also floated RFP to ensure security to their respective stations and Teracom is poised to get good volume of business from those zones also in the same manner it has bagged project from NR worth over INR 23 Crore.

Teracom is providing draft concepts of safe cities to various state government to ensure safety of a common man on public places like Roads, Highways, Malls, Tourist places etc. Our team is studying the various cities to provide complete blanket coverage for a city.

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