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IBS Components

The applications of repeaters will effectively optimize network efficiency by centralizing or redirecting traffic capacity, enhancing power budget and increasing network rollout time and time to market.

Indoor Coverage Application:
There are many signal dead zones or blind zones inside of buildings, underground basements, subways and tunnels etc. due to signal isolation; there exits Ping-Pong effect due to overlapping of signals from different base stations and frequently handover exists in which it is difficult to keep calls online. The repeaters are applicable to the indoor areas such as: hospitals, hotels, department stores, office buildings, underground buildings, tunnels, airports etc. For example, the application of accessing signals into indoor coverage over optical fiber is shown as the following figure:


Outdoor Coverage Application:

Although mobile base stations have been built, because of the vastness of signal coverage zones, the complexity of ground, the distribution of users and the diversity of customers, many areas such as countryside, expressways, resorts zones, large enterprises, star towns of cities, distant areas, airports and bus stations etc. are still mobile dead zones, thin zones, shadow zones or zones where signals are not distributed reasonably. Teracom has developed products series such as Fiber Optic Repeater, RF Broadband Repeater and RF Channel-Selective Repeater to solve problems economically and effectively. For example, the application of extending the coverage area over the air is shown as the following figure:

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