Teracom Limited


4G Telecom Services


Teracom has developed very high speed broadband wireless Access (BWA) solution based on WIMAX and TD LTE Technologies. We participated in the franchisee selection process by BSNL, which lasted over a period of 1 and half year and has signed agreement for 3 LSAs namely Karnataka, Rajasthan and Bihar & Jharkhand.

4G technology is being labeled as a technology which will change the way Wireless based broadband can offer various services to end customers. Country like India, which has serious scarcity of a high speed Broadband network, with only 1% Internet penetration against a tele-density of over 60%, is looking 4G as a technology which is bound to change it’s social-economic growth.With an estimate to have 6.9 M subscribers by year 2011 (Gartner Report), 13M subscribers by 2012 (Tonse Telecom report) and 21 Million subscriber by 2014 (Marvedis Report), 4 G is all set to influence the life style of an ordinary citizen of India by providing a faster, reliable, secure communication medium.

Some of the main areas, where Teracom is actively planning to cover during it’s rollout are mentioned below. Teracom is well aware of it’s social responsibilities and will use 4Gas a technology to help the poor and needful Indian citizen to improve their life style.


  1. Tele-Medicine: Teracom shall provide broadband connectivity to over 30,000 various kind of Health centers in above mentioned 3 circles and these tailor made solution to suit the tale-medicine domain shall help various state governments to ensure proper diagnose and help over a high speed broadband connection.
  2. Tele-Education: This solution will help to provide e-learning facility to remote villages, which does have any resources to teach poor students. Using this High Speed Broadband platform poor students will be able to study along with remotely available teacher thus reducing a lot of travelling time and cost (which is difficult for them to bear). Over 40,000 Schools planned to be covered using Teracom Wi-MAX Rollout. Out of which, About 70% is in rural areas. Broadband planned for all these schools on priority.
  3. Rural Banking Infrastructure: It is envisaged that over 15,000 Bank branches shall be connected using high speed broadband in Teracom operated rural areas.
  4. Entertainment: Teracom will use Wi-MAX as a medium to provide cost effective solution for entertainment to all communities. Some of the entertainment areas which have been planned so far are Video on Demand, Movie on Demand, Music on Demand etc.
  5. Location Based Services (LBS): Teracom shall offer location based services, which will add another dimension to the life of a common man to help and protect them against any mishappenings with them. Such services shall be very helpful for a common man to identify and locate their near and dear ones in case of a crisis.

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